• turmeric revenge 2.0 ( hydro foaming scrub )

turmeric revenge 2.0 ( hydro foaming scrub )



tumeric's revenge body scrub is perfect for those who battle with body discoloration of any sort — amazing for pigmented under arms, neck, knee's elbows, butt, vaginal, underarms, and rough heels.

+ handcrafted with turmeric, organic cane sugar, avocado oil, argan oil, vitamin e oil, sweet almond oil, olive oil and organic rosehip oil, and lastly dely gloucdie  

use —

  1. apply on wet skin for daily exfoliation and or before shaving to prevent ingrown hairs
  2. (recommended follow up "Pentrate" use 2-3 times a week for best results

please do not ingest or place inside vaginal canal. start at feet and work upwards to heart for best results. scrub in circular motions.



this product is made with nuts